THE TRACKING & POINTING CHALLENGE Traditional small antenna tracking and pointing systems have many compromises in their design, often to allow the supppliers to sell the product at a price acceptable to the market. They also rely on the beacon signal to track a satellite - an approach that at times can cause problems and require additional equipment.

THE SATSIO SOLUTION The S3 Satcom system breaks through these traditional product limitations. NORAD tracking replaces beacon tracking, innovative mechanical designs and advanced software address key limitations of other systems. The result is the most accurate and flexible small antenna tracking and pointing system on the market.

DELIVERED BENEFITS Farms of fixed antennas can be replaced by a single Satsio system which is able to point at a selected satellite on-demand. For inclined orbit satellites, the NORAD tracking used by Satsio means that smaller antennas can be used with less expensive receive systems than traditional solutions. A web client provides global access.

SUPPORTED ANTENNAS Skyware 1.2m Single Offset type 123, Skyware 1.8m Single Offset type 183, Skyware 1.8m Dual Offset type 184, Skyware 2.4m Single offset type 243 or Skyware 2.4m Dual Offset type 244. Prodelin 1.2m type 1134, 1135, 3120, Prodelin 1.8m Single Offset type 1194, 3180, Prodelin 2.4m types 1244, 1251, 3220, Prodelin 3.8m type 1385. Other antenna sizes or manufacturers on request. 1.8m and 2.4m antennas come with a choice of actuator or slew drive for azimuth movement and all models now feature the option of a fibre cross-site.



Click Image to download a 2-page brochure on the Classic Small Antenna Satsio product

SlewDriveV2 Aug2017

Click Image to download a 2-page brochure on the Slew Drive Satsio product


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